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92% of Fortune 500s protect GLBT employees from a-holes

by Jeremy Hooper

  According to GLBT organization Equality Forum, 460 of Fortune 500 companies have policies protecting their gay and lesbian employees from discrimination. However, none of the prosperous 500 have active policies protecting queer employees from awkward weather-focused water cooler conservations with Jean from Accounting, so you're on your own there, homos.

Interestingly, only 1 of the policy-less companies ranks in the top 95 of the moneyed 500 list (Exxon, #2). This lends further proof to our long-held theory that in order to reach the top of the well heeled business pack, it's best to not piss off those who know exactly which "well heels" are in fashion.

If you'd like to see which companies do and do not seem to think "smear the queer" might be a fun inner-office activity, the lists can be found below:

FORTUNE 500 Project [Equality Forum]
RELATED: #290, Echostar Communications, considering adding nondiscrimination policy [AP via GJSentinel.com]

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