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CCL of Maine labels 'gays' as 'sexual predators,' furthering their status as 'predators of homosexuals'

by Jeremy Hooper

    In the latest edition of their online newspaper The Record (a religious paper that we read religiously), the Christian Civic League of Maine defends the Boy Scouts of America's policy banning openly gay Scout leaders, saying:

"Every sane person knows that the Boy Scouts have a good reason to prohibit homosexuals from becoming Scout Masters, and that is to protect young boys from sexual predators. Anyone who sincerely believes this represents “hate” has two fries short of a happy meal."

To which we say: Those a-holes at Mickey D's shorted us two fries in our Happy Meal?!? Where do they get off? When one pays good money for a meal that claims to be gleeful, they deserve to have that sense of bliss fulfilled through their fried potato allotment. It's just not right, is all we're saying.

The CCLers then go on to label the actions of gay rights movement (which they say "has always walked a fine line between sanity and lunacy") as "McCarthyism in reverse." This statement again totally shows their ignorance, as everyone knows that transposed term would actually be "msiyhtraCcM." So uninformed, they are.

The Record -9/27 (3rd Item) [CCL of Maine]

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