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Erstwhile homo maligns 'former' kind, though retains fervent embrace on their classics

by Jeremy Hooper

  Responding to a new CDC survey in which only 2.3 percent of men claimed to be homosexual (though 1.8% identified as "bisexual" and 3.9% claim to be "something else"), Focus on the Family's Caleb H. Price (a "former queer") says:

"Kinsey's work, and the myth that 10% of the population is gay, has been thoroughly discredited. This is like pulling back the curtain so the whole world can see that the Wizard of Oz is really just a man and that the Emerald City is really a house of cards."

We find this claim incredibly offensive, for the obvious reason -- Since Mr. Price has renounced his own homo-gayness, Wizard of Oz references are simply no longer allowed to pepper his condemnations of those who have the balls to admit that they like balls. It might possibly even be in Judy's will.

Besides, 3%, 10%, 100% -- all we know is that in every town, city, and country we've had the pleasure of visiting, a good queer has never been too hard to find. Unlike a pesky "ex-gay," whose flesh and blood embodiment has never been waiting down any Yellow Brick Road that we've ever followed.

Not As Many Homosexuals as Left Claims [Family News in Focus]

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