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Frustrated by lack of anti-gay response, radio host gets chatty

by Jeremy Hooper

   Christian radio talk-show host Paul McGuire (pic.) is so morally fit to be tied over the lack of California pastors denouncing the state's recently passed queer marriage bill, that, according to Agape Press, he'll try to "use a sort of "peer pressure" to get them to open their mouths and speak out against the evil that is prevalent in their state."

No word as to what sort of "pro-family" strong-arming Mcguire will employ in his "peer pressuring" tactics, though we do hear that earlier this week, he was overheard on the playground chanting "Come on, blow smoke up your congregation's asses - everybody's doing it," followed by threats to "take my anti-gay rhetoric and go home" to anyone who abstained.

Christian Radio Host Urges California Pastors to Break Silence on Pro-Family Issues [Agape Press]

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