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Lambda Legal opposing John Roberts; Julia Roberts still in good graces

by Jeremy Hooper

   The ballsy cool kids at Lambda Legal announced today that they are opposing the nomination of John Roberts for Chief Justice of the U.S Supreme Court, joining the position already taken by many of their other queer-focused cronies. In a statement regarding the non-support, LL's Executive Director Kevin Cathcart says:

John Roberts had every opportunity to demonstrate whether he is committed to fairness and equality, but chose to dodge key questions. He provided no evidence of his commitment to these fundamental principles, and without such a commitment he is not qualified to serve. As a result, we are opposing his nomination."

Lambda Legal's opposition is particularly notable since the alliterative lawyers would likely be the ones to argue a gay-related case, should it make its way to the Supreme Court. Our thoughts on Roberts, however, are in no way notable since we are merely the ones who make jokes and puns about butt sex, doodoo, and hoohahs on a daily basis.

We all have our niche, some more parent-pleasing than others.

Lambda Legal Opposes the Nomination of John Roberts for Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court [LL Press Release]

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