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Mitt encourages potentially nuptial-halting referendum

by Jeremy Hooper

   Via a letter sent today to state Attorney General Thomas Reilly, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has reportedly encouraged the AG to certify a ballot initiative that, if approved by voters in '08, would lead to a ban on the state's currently legal practice of gay marriage. Speaking on why he supports the initiative, Romney writes, in part:

"No matter how one feels about same-sex marriage, we should all agree that the Commonwealth's citizens should not be excluded from a decision as fundamental to society as the legal definition of marriage"

Though considering that we already know how this specific "one" feels about same-sex marriage, it's really tough for us to agree that "all of the Commonwealth's citizens" were in Romney's thoughts as he composed his communicative note. "Pro-family" citizens - you betcha. His own rumored '08 White House bid - likely. The fact that Bob and Steve from Durham have been happily together since Romney was mitting in his diapers - what do they have to do with anything?

Reilly has until September 7 to act on the initiative. If he approves, supporters will begin collecting the needed 66,000 signatures to place the measure on the '08 ballot. If the AG disapproves, Romney will, of course, curse himself for not using the pink scented stationary and sparkly inked pen that might have given his little goading letter that extra dash of pushy pizzazz.

Romney urges '08 gay-marriage poll [Boston Globe]

**UPDATE: Mass. AG green lights initiative that could red light gay marriage; yellow light to remain unused [G-A-Y]

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