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Evangelicals' anti pro-choice stance now extending to houses of worship

by Jeremy Hooper

   Rev. Rob Schenck (pic.) of the National Clergy Council says he is "disturbed" over the fact that Supremes nominee Harriet Miers attends D.C.'s St John's Episcopal Church, an institution which he calls "pro-homosexual." Agape Press quotes Rev. Schenk as saying that the "diocese, of course, approves of same-sex marriages," and that "the bishop of the diocese, Bishop John Chane, not only voted for but participated in the consecration of an openly homosexual bishop." Gays not yet sufficiently decried, he goes on criticize the sort of "homosexual advocacy" he sees at St. John's, suggesting that such acceptance could've had "some kind of negative, deleterious effect on Miss Miers' spiritual life."

We tried to reach Ms. Miers for a response to Schenck's comments, but unfortunately she and her church buddies were busy hosting a drug/sex-fueled circuit party in the sanctuary, complete with sin, debauchery, and an assload of deleterious moral decay. We'll try again tomorrow, though you know how those gay-accepting houses of worship can be -- SOUL-WRECKING FIESTAS FOR DAYS. After all, a religious institution that doesn't keep gays in their properly stigmatized place is nothing but an immoral whore farm.

Commentary & News Briefs (3rd Item) [Agape]

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