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'Ex-gay' claims bias from student journalists; unicorns claim same

by Jeremy Hooper

   One-time homo turned professionally "ex-gay" minister Tim Wilkins (pic.) is upset with what he considers to be biased reporting by the UWM Post, the student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Wilkins claims that while covering a recent attempt of his to brainwash the student body of UWM into believing that they can change their sexualities, the campus paper accused the erstwhile queer of being "unable to produce much that could be verified," though Wilkins tells Agape Press that he made some " 2 to 15 specific citations to back up statements." No word on on what sort of source one could use to verify an "I prayed and now I find joy in vagina" claim, though we'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of Wilkins's "2 to 15" were not written by a Jew, an Atheist, or a scientist.

Wilkins goes on to accuse the UWM Post of plagiarizing the title of their article from the Arizona Daily Star, a claim that is completely ridiculous..

Picture 2-66

...as any sort of "knob job" would seem to have nothing to do with "walking away from homosexuality."

To Mr. Wilkins we'd like to take the opportunity to extend the same challenge to him as we did to fellow 'ex-'mo' Melissa Fryrear: Let's go on your own turf of "The 700 Club" and take a lie detector test on the nature of our sexualities. Forget the bias claims, forget the nonsense, and let's get to the bottom of this damaging campaign of false compassion once and for all. You've dished the propaganda, you've trotted out your "success stories," you seem so confident in your sexual metamorphosis - now put up or shut up. We'll be waiting for the call, mister man.

Ex-Homosexual Speaker's Campus Visit Draws Hecklers, Critical Press [Agape]

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