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'Ex-gay' derides the 'boob tube'; perhaps he prefers the 'ass pipeline'?

by Jeremy Hooper

   Stephen Bennett (pic.), one-time homosexual and current "ex-gay" mouthpiece, has his panties in all sorts of a twist over what he sees as the non-stop orgy of homosexual imagery that pollutes the wretched state of modern television. In a considerably melodramatic fashion, Bennett tells Agape Press:

America better wake up; that's all I say. I don't mean to sound harsh or angry, but it's gotten to the point right now where homosexuality is just so accepted now, it's being promoted on every television show.

Which is of course due to the fact that brainwashing children through FM radio simply stopped being effective. What with Ipods, Satellite Radio, the Internets -- our recruitment numbers were dropping steadily, and homo-gay conversion through "America's Next Top Model" and "Joey" just seemed like a much more effective option. He's got our number, that Stephen-- he might have lost his love for all things penile, but it's clear that his subscription to the "The Homosexual Agenda" remains active.

Agape goes on to quote the 'mo of yore as saying:

"one can't even watch the Home and Garden Network” without running into pro-homosexual affirmation. Nowadays, he says, even the once innocuous home improvement “reality shows feature gay and lesbian couples, where they come in and make over their homes."

Wait, wait, wait - you mean a network that deals primarily with flower arranging, interior design, landscaping, and makeovers has a gay sensibility? WTF?? Next you'll tell me that ESPN has a hidden "sporty vibe."

But there is hope for TV's debauched soul, as we hear that Bennett is shopping around two new pilots for possible midseason pickup:


Keep an eye out.

Ex-Gay Speaker Hopes Tour Will Set Connecticut Straight on Homosexual Issues [Agape]

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