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'Ex-'mo' claims 'Time' article mocks 'former gays'; we wonder if 'Time' is hiring

by Jeremy Hooper

    'Erstwhile homosexer' Stephen Bennett is all sorts of P.O.ed over this week's Time Magazine cover story on gay teens, and he's taking his thoughts to the only outlet who can write about "ex-gays" and keep a straight face, Agape Press. Bennett uses the Agape article to point out all of the malfeasance and chicanery he's found in the Time piece, dropping such bombshells as this:

"One of the lines in there that really struck me as just an outright lie -- and there are many in there -- says, 'The appearance of so many gay adolescents has predictably worried social conservatives, but it also has surprised gay activists, who for years did little to help the few teenagers who were coming out.' That's a complete lie. The Human Rights Campaign for years has had a major campaign helping teens to come out."

OH HELL, he's gone and found us out now - he's blown the lid off the fact that a gay rights organization has helped young queers who were coming out. Sure hope he doesn't discover that they also support gay marriage, or our movement is f***ed.

Bennett calls the Time article a "major pro-gay puff piece," totally confusing those who thought that such an item, if it existed, would look more like this:


Ex-Homosexual Blasts Time's Teen Homosexuality Article as 'Pro-Gay Puff Piece' [Agape]

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