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'How to stigmatize gays without sounding too nutty' summit coming to Waterville, ME

by Jeremy Hooper

According to the website of the Christian Civic League of Maine, The Faith Evangelical Church in Waterville, Maine, will this Saturday play host to a seminar that "will share the Christian perspective on the problems of homosexuality." The CCL claims that the event "will address such questions as the origins of homosexuality, how to speak to someone who subscribes to pro-gay theology, and how best to witness to someone who is involved in homosexuality."

The timing really couldn't be more ironic, as this weekend in NYC, we will be teaching a course in "how to apply Origins super charged moisture skin creme, how to speak to someone who subscribes to Us Weekly, and how to best witness someone involved in homosexuality." (liberally, slowly, and Chelsea, respectively)

The anti-gay symposium will set one back $10, which is kinda offensive, as learning how to more effectively hate us should cost at least 40 bucks a head. Ten's just disrepectful.

The Record Online Newspaper, 10/06 (3rd Item) [CCL Maine]

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