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AFA encourages post-turkey Target avoidance

by Jeremy Hooper

   Due to Target's non-use of the words "Merry Christmas" in operations and advertising, as well as their refusal to allow Salvation Army kettles outside of their stores (a decision thought to be due, in part, to the bell-ringing organization's anti-gay policies), American Family Association chairman Don Wildmon (pic.) is urging holiday shoppers to boycott the chain this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

Which is so totally cool, as it'll be nice to shop for Aunt Sadie's foot massager without being subjected to folks trying to "protect the sanctity of the express line" or limit our credit card/shoe purchase unions to only "one man's pair, one woman's pair."

AFA Founder Urges Pro-Family Holiday Season Shoppers to Shun Target [Agape]

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