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Attention holiday stigmatizers: Vatican finally releases gay-focused doc

by Jeremy Hooper

Just in time for ChrismaHanukwanzakah, the long-awaited Vatican document concerning homosexuals within the Catholic priesthood was finally unveiled today. Additionally, just in time for "Christ, they're good looking," the shortly-awaited DVD of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's cinematic eyebrow raiser, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, was also released this morn'.

One focuses on people whose every move, life, action, and right to love has been frequently discussed and debated in recent months by people who've never walked a day in their shoes; the other features Pitt and Jolie.

One would be perfect to shove into a stock and dangle ridiculously close to a roaring fireplace; the other features Pitt and Jolie.

One could have benefited from more rewrites, a more insightful director, and more concern for the featured characters' feelings and well-being; the other features Pitt and Jolie.

Look for Mr & Mrs. Smith in stores nationwide; look for Mr. & Mr. Smith-Jones to be stigmatized by the Catholic Church internationally.

Homosexuality destabilizes society: Vatican paper [Reuters via Yahoo! News]
Vatican finally releases gay document [Reuters via ABC News]

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