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Choosy Republican 'pro-family' pro Knight chooses to not be pro the choice of pro-choice gay Republican pro

by Jeremy Hooper

   Responding to Planned Parenthood's decision to appoint the Log Cabin Republicans' former Political Director, Christopher Barron (pic), to head its GOP outreach efforts, Concerned Women For America's Robert Knight tells Cybercast News Service:

"This should be a seamless transition, given that both organizations pursue an anti-family agenda that's right at home in the culture of death"

Which shows what he knows -- the transition was totally seamless, as all of us "anti-family" peeps work out of one central office:


Ah, our hallowed halls where we meet to destroy society! Log Cabins have the right wing and Stonewall Dems have the left, though both like to occasionally come across the aisle in an effort to walk down it. As for us, we only have one wobbly chair in the rat-infested cellar, which we share with an irreverent pro-choice humorist. However, we were given an electric pencil sharpener and a Mr. Coffee from 1983 (which we're allowed to use freely, unless a GLAAD staffer needs it), so who the hell can complain?

Log Cabin Official to Lead Planned Parenthood's Outreach to GOP [CNSNews.com]

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