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Duelin' affidavits in Spokane

by Jeremy Hooper

   In an apparent attempt to counteract an affidavit from a computer forensics expert saying that troubled Spokane mayor Jim West (pic.) deliberately visited Gay.com using a city computer, the city's director of information technology, Garv Brakel, has filed another affidavit saying that 451 files were "automatically downloaded" to his Internet cache folder when he himself visited the site for a test run (thus seemingly supporting West's own claims that he did not deliberately download any sexually explicit content). However, the computer pro who issued the original afidavit, Josiah P. Roloff, tells the Spokesman-Review that "Mr. Brakel's affidavit is mistaken and misses the point," adding, "While it is true that images and Web pages visited are saved in temporary Internet file folders without the users necessarily purposefully deciding to save them, the images on Mr. West's city computer are, nevertheless, there because of a purposeful decision on the user's part to go to Gay.com and view individual profiles."

Did someone say techie cat fight? .... .... No, nobody? Oh, it sounded like it; never mind then...

For those not in the know, Mayor West is facing a recall vote amidst allegations that he offered city hall jobs to young men he met on Gay.com, and is now arguing the argument of a teenaged boy caught downloading porn by his mother, in order to prevent the sexually explicit contents of his city-issued computer from being released to the public. For those even less in the know, West was revealed to be gay this year after a history of supporting what were fairly unanimously perceived to be anti-gay policies. For those still clueless, Spokane is a city in Washington of which Jim West is the mayor (the elected head of a city, town, or municipality). For those who are just plain stupid, borderline brain dead -- just sit quietly and look at a picture of my dog:


Pretty doggy go ruff ruff.

West says downloads 'automatic' [SpokesmanReview.com]

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