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Expert: West's Gay.com visitation wasn't accid.ent

by Jeremy Hooper

   A computer forensics expert has filed an affidavit on behalf of the Spokesman-Review newspaper saying that beleaguered Spokane mayor Jim West (pic.) deliberately visited Gay.com on numerous occasions, and that hundreds of "highly offensive" images and documents found on his office computer (many of young gay men) were not accidentally downloaded, as West's lawyers have claimed.

Additionally, this revelation would also seem to confirm our suspicions that the "Oh, umm, those pictures just got on the computer somehow, I don't know how that happened" defense is no more effective now than it was when we tried it ten years ago, back when the Internet was still a mere fetus and we were still mere closet dwellers.

No word on what this development will mean for West, though if his lawyers plan to keep following the tactics of our teenaged selves, expect them to ask the subject-changing question, "What's for dinner -- steaks, hamburgers, what?" any day now.

Computer expert says West files intentional [Spokesman-Review]
Gay images found on mayor's computer [UPI via Science Daily]

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