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Focus on the Meta Tags

by Jeremy Hooper

If your browser allows you to "View the Source" of websites, we'd like to advise you to take a look at the "Keywords" Meta tag in the "Homosexuality" section of Focus on the Family spinoff site, TroubledWith.com. You might be surprised to see just what descriptors the FOFers think are key to describing us swarthy homosexuals:

Picture 14

Wait, wait ,wait, wait...dyke, flamer, fag? They didn't even feel that the word "homosexual" was key, yet dyke, flamer, and fag (not to mention "butch" and a misspelled "effeminate") were? So much for the "compassionate message of transformation and truth" the FOFers claim to offer those "troubled with" a case of the gay.

Focus on the details, FOF -- we surely will.

Troubledwith.com - Homosexuality Section [A Focus on the Family Website]

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