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FOF warns of 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang's 'Gay Gay Agenda Agenda'

by Jeremy Hooper

   This week in Focus on the Family's Friday movie reviews (which we rely on religiously, bad pun absolutely intended), the "pro-fams" take on the new Val Kilmer/Robert Downey Jr. flick, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Now just from the title alone, you can pretty much guess the FOFers are likely give the film a Yuck Yuck Boo Boo, but we were more interested in seeing just how they would react to the homosexuality of Val Kilmer's character, Gay Perry.

After making several critical notes regarding the celluloid homo-gayness in his midst, reviewer Adam R. Holz sorta awkwardly warns in the "Sexual Content" section of his write-up:

I should point out that Perry is not a stereotypical gay character. He's not portrayed as effeminate, but rather as a strong, capable man. He doesn't lisp. He doesn't have a limp wrist. Etc. As homosexual characters show up with increasing frequency on the big screen (and the small one, too), expect to see more who defy the "gay shtick" like Perry does. (In doing so, they will help further cement our cultural acceptance of homosexuality.)

Now we don't really see why Adam felt the need to point this out, as the butchness of Kilmer's character would not seem to be necessary fodder for the "sexual content" portion of his review. Though since he did, we like to thank him for acknowledging that we are, in fact, on the cusp of a homo-accepting society where both the "effeminate" and "strong, capable" gays among us will be accurately portrayed.

Thanks FOF, for acknowledging that we're gaining ground; we can't WAIT for your Brokeback Moutain review!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [FOF's Plugged In Online]

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