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Food purveyor rebuffs anti-gayer

by Jeremy Hooper

   The Christian Civic League of Maine is reporting in their Record online newspaper that Shaws grocery store has contacted outspoken "pro-family" activist Paul Madore and demanded that he remove a recommendation that "people buy their food at Shaws and send their receipts to Hannaford (a competing Maine-based grocery chain)."

According to the June 7 edition of the Record (4th item), Madore made the Shaws-encouraging recommendation on his Maine Grassroots Coalition website this summer, due to what he perceived as Hannafords' "funding [of] the homosexual lobby" and refusal "to allow anyone with a pro-family, pro-marriage Peoples Veto petition anywhere near their stores." The Madore-sanctioned suggestion apparently led gay activists to clue Shaws in to the nature of the anti-gay activist's sentiments, thus sparking the aforementioned request from the supermarket chain for Madore to remove the endorsement.

Now that the both stores are out of the anti-gays' graces, we hear they are now attempting to perfect the fine art of human photosynthesis. After all, food created via their own internal processes of converting light to chemical energy could certainly be trusted to find homos unsavory.

'The Record' Wednesday, Nov. 30 (3rd item) [CCL Maine]

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