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HRC asks Catholics to step up and say "Oh no you didn't" to Vatican

by Jeremy Hooper

   Joining the "professionally gay" response to the Vatican document banning homosexuals in the Catholic priesthood (scheduled to be officially released tomorrow), the Human Rights Campaign has issued a call to action requesting "fair-minded Catholics to speak out in their local parishes." The Director of HRC's Religion and Faith Program, Harry Knox, says, "We are calling on all Catholics of goodwill to speak to their priests and express their deep concern at this decision," adding, "We're speaking directly to Catholics in the pews and urging them to consider what Jesus would do if he saw his neighbor treated this way.

Though we would never be so bold to say that we know for sure, we think if Mr. J. Christ "saw his neighbor treated this way," he would react sorta like this:

Hey, that's my neighbor; stop treating him that way. He's a good neighbor and a great guy. Please sirs, stop beating on him. Listen to me, I'm the son of God. Hey you, I'm not joking -- stop being mean to my neighbor. Dudes, do you seriously not hear me? Look, love thy neighbor is like a really big thing with me, so I feel the need to ask you to please refrain from treating my neighbor the way you currently are. Why do you just ignore me? Have you not heard me saying over and over again to treat others how you would like to be treated? Would you like to be shunned the way you are currently shunning my neighbor there? Leave my nice neighbor alone. Okay, you're lack of comprehension is just making me mad --cut out this biased bullcrap right now before I get smack happy!

Press Release: Nationwide Alert Issued For Catholics To Speak Out Against Vatican Decision Banning Gays [HRC]

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