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HRC report: Which companies might think you to be an immoral ass face?

by Jeremy Hooper

  Just in time for socially conscious holiday shopping, the Human Rights Campaign has ranked LGBT-friendly and LGBT-not so much companies in a publication they're calling "Buying for Equality." Coming in with a perfect score of 100 are such companies as Best Buy, Walgreens, Kraft, General Mills, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Nike, American Express, and Apple. On the flip side, some of the companies ranking in the gay equality shitter are Cracker Barrel, Nissan, Bayer, Shaw Industries, Rite Aid, Nestle Purina, and Radio Shack.

Sadly, Lady Marmalade's House of Pride Flags, We Hate Queers Inc., and SodomyCo were not ranked on the list, so you'll have to use your own discretion in judging the gay friendliness of those particular establishments.

View the report and adjust your forays into consumerism accordingly, my fellow buyers of goods and services.


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