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Incurable case of gay gets alum booted from Baylor

by Jeremy Hooper

   The Baylor Lariat, the student newspaper of Baylor University, is reporting that the Dr. Terry Maness (pic.), dean of the University's Hankamer School of Business, has booted five-year member Tim Smith from the biz school's adivsory board because he learned that the Baylor alumnus is gay. Regarding his decision to give Smith a "doesn't your kind like pink"-slip, Maness tells the Lariat:

"We must be sensitive to the position of our affiliated denomination, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, which has, on previous occasions, stated that a homosexual lifestyle is incompatible with most Baptist interpretations of Scripture"

Which makes sense, as I think we all know that the sentiment of, "Hey you there -- You've been a productive member of the panel, you've donated thousands to this university, your qualifications are outstanding, but that biological attraction you have to members of your own sex, you know, the one you can't change and did nothing to cause, it's just part of who you are...yea, no, I don't care for that . Matter of fact, I think I'm gonna have to ask you to leave out of fear that the queerness is communicable, in which case you might infect some of the other members. Next thing you know, their belt and shoes will be expertly coordinated and their eyebrows perfectly plucked. It's really all the work of Satan, so yea...get the hell out," is totally what Jesus was all about.

Dean boots gay member from board [Baylor Lariat]

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