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Judge: Billboards condemning Staten Island fairies not protected speech

by Jeremy Hooper

A U.S. District Court judge has tossed a lawsuit filed by Staten Island's Rev. Kristofer Okwedy, in which the pastor claimed that former borough president Guy Molinari violated his First Amendment Rights when he ordered the removal of two Okwedy-financed billboards condemning homosexuality. This is the second time in four years that a judge has dismissed Okwedy's case, but you know what they say: the third time's the charmless ruling in which a pastor gets to construct roadside dogma conveyors, so don't go getting all celebratory yet. That is what they say, right?

No word on what alternative outlet Okwedy will use to convey his highway-viewable distaste for homos, though we do hear that gay-unfriendly skywriting, stigmatizing bumper stickers, and replacing the signs of the roadside homeless with ones reading "Will Work For A Society That Doesn't Accept Queers," are all possibilities.

Anti-gay billboard suit dismissed, again [Staten Island Advance]

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