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Like an annoying mosquito hellbent on ruining your picnic, Federal Marriage Amendment refuses to disappear

by Jeremy Hooper

A Senate subcommittee on Wednesday gave approval to a new federal marriage amendment along a 5-4 party line vote; we'll let you guess which parties which went ways. This motion sends the piece of poo to the full Judiciary committee, where it is expected to pass, before heading to the full Senate, where it will hopefully be put out of its misery faster than you can say, "This is bullsh*t -- don't I pay taxes, too?"

If the legislative feces were to successfully jump through the numerous hoops ahead, it would of course define marriage as "one man and one woman" in the U.S. Constitution, while defining those who vote for its passage as "one lawmaker who could've taken a stand against discrimination, but instead chose to suck on the teet of inequality" in U.S. History books.

SJ RES 1 Info [Senate.gov]
Senate subcommittee votes to write discrimination into the Constitution [PFAW]

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