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Perry all sorts of excited about Texas history's future black mark

by Jeremy Hooper

    Texas Governor Rick Perry (pic.) finally spoke yesterday about this week's passage of a constitutional gay marriage ban in the Lone Star state. Speaking for his wife and himself, Perry is quoted by the AP as saying, "We believed passionately that marriage should be between a man and a woman."

No word on what else makes the Perrys passionate, though we're hearing that just the mention of outlawing domestic partner benefits has them pawing each other like cats in heat.

Rickster went on to say that, "The good news is, 75 percent of the people who went to vote - plus - agreed with us."

The bad news is that those numbers and Perry's sentiment have both been recorded, ensuring that they will not be able to deny their raging support of inequality once this oh-so trendy wave of discrimination goes out of fashion. The right may hold a majority, but the majority is far from right.

Perry speaks out on gay marriage ban victory [AP via DFW.com]

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