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Planetout to focus on planet's out ladies

by Jeremy Hooper

   Planetout Inc., or as it is now known, "ruler of the free homosexual world," today announced several new initiatives focused on the lesbian market, including a "presenting sponsorship" of the 16th Annual Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, California. Not to be outdone, we'd like to announce that we just saw a lesbian at the market who beared more than a passing resemblance to the late Ms. Shore, and we presented her with the name of our AA sponsor, who once visited Palm Springs.

So don't think you're the only ones who can reach out to the lassies, high and mighty Planetouters, just because you have a staff...and credibility...and an office...and a bank account -- we're going after the Sapphic sisters with cunning linguist-themed jokes and wordplay that you kids have only dreamed about. Yea, that's right -- you want some of this, POut? Bring it then..we ain't scared..we're not gonna back down...we're just gettin'...hire us, please.

PlanetOut Inc. Builds Momentum in Lesbian Market [Planetout Release via PR Newswire]

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