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Religious leaders, both yarmulked and not, stand up for the gays

by Jeremy Hooper

   Yesterday in Minneapolis, Minnesota, around 1,200 people gathered at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, where the Rev. Bruce Robbins (pic.) led his congregation in a sort of "protest" against recent anti-gay decisions and queer-excluding practices of the United Methodist Church.

   In other weekend "religion & gays are not like oil & water" news, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie (pic.), went after conservative religious activists of all faiths on Saturday, rhetorically asking attendees at the Reform movement's national assembly, "What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on God?"

And he's right -- we can think of nothing more bigoted than claiming you have a "Monopoly on God," except maybe claiming that you have a Clue on the creator. Sorry, we know that was Parcheesi, but we had to go to the Pop-o-Matic Trouble of taking a Risk. In this Trivial Pursuit called Life, it continues to Boggle the mind that any religious Mastermind could embrace the Balderdash of bigotry in their Operation. Though others may have Scene It as Taboo to make such gay-friendly Outbursts, it's nice to see these two using their own Craniums to wish that society would move onwards and UpWords, even if that puts them in the Crossfire.

Ugh, now I'm a bored gay, me (not to mention a Hungry, Hungry Hippo)! I guess we'll just stop here and say: Thanks Rev. Robbins and Rabbi Yoffie!!

Minneapolis church protests United Methodist decision [KARE11.com]
Reform Judaism leader blasts religious 'zealots' [AP via NorthJersey.com]

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