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Report: Mass. GOP protecting sanctity of potential campaign supporters

by Jeremy Hooper

   According to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts's Republican party "has been drafting Republicans to gather signatures for a proposed ban on same-sex marriage and plans to use the petition drive to identify supporters for the 2006 elections." Additionally, the Globe also reports that GOP Governor Mitt Romney, who has essentially been opposing gay-friendly policies at every gubernatorial turn, "on Wednesday briefly joined a conference call to rally volunteers with the group VoteonMarrriage.org," the organization that is leading the state's anti-gay marriage ballot campaign.

And here we thought they were busy planning our engagement parties - the bastards. Though if they think their active, at times vehement, opposition to our ceremonies means they don't have to buy us a gift, they got another thing comin'.

Mass. GOP aiding drive for ban on gay marriage [Boston Globe]

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