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Some residents think it sucks to live on Dicks

by Jeremy Hooper

According to the L.A. Times, some resident of West Hollywood's Dicks Street want the name changed to Dickson Lane, as they find the euphemistically-named road embarrassing.

Though frankly, we find the idea of "Dicks on Lane" SO MUCH more disturbing. Like how did they get on the lane? Are they still attached, or have they been "Bobbitted?" Do you just drive over them, or do you drive around them? Are the testicles still attached? Is someone gonna clean them up, or will they just remain there for all of eternity?

It's frightening, right?

Seeking a Sweeter Name for Street That Provokes Snickers [LA Times (subs)]
Dicks Street not so sweet to some [UPI]
[Hat tips: Towleroad, PageOneQ]

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