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Gay GOPs' right wings ruffled by faux gals

by Jeremy Hooper

   The Log Cabin Republicans of Greater St. Louis have asked for an investigation into a drag show held last month at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, calling the performance "pornographic" and claiming that the female impersonators "mocked heterosexual people in the audience, wore revealing outfits, used inappropriate language and simulated sex acts." After all, everyone goes to a drag show expecting the queens to treat the audience like proper little ladies, wear burkhas, speak the Queen's English, and simulate apple pie baking.

   Regarding the hidden penis parade of ill repute, Charles Stadtlander (pic.), the group's President and a student of the University of Missouri, says, "I have never been so offended, mortified, and angered at anything the University of Missouri has done in my nearly three years of attendance. It is with great regret and humility that I respectfully ask the citizens of Missouri to not judge the entire gay and lesbian community by the misguided actions of a few."

Responding to Stadtlander, feisty local drag queen Bubbles Formica was overheard saying, "Oh no you didn't, bitch. You just can't take the heat of my fabulous fierceness, honey."

Log Cabin Republicans of Greater St. Louis Expresses Deep Concern in Response to aGay and Lesbian Pornographic Performance at the University of Missouri-St. Louis [LogCabSTL Press Release]
Gay Republicans want inquiry on UMSL drag show[St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
(Hat tip: Queer Day)

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