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Swapped wife's penis drives man to sue

by Jeremy Hooper

   A Haileyville, Oklahoma man is suing producers with the ABC television show "Wife Swap," because instead of trading his spouse with another female like the reality show's title suggests, the tricky crew replaced the fair maiden with a gay man. Though proving that the hetero husband at least learned the fine art of dramatic response from the queer in his midst, the man, Jeffrey Bedford, tells the AP that the situation made him "emotionally distraught to the point of physical and mental illness."

   To which we say: Chill dude...you could have been given Marguerite Perrin!

There's no word on when the episode in question will air; but holy sh*t we can't wait.

Area man sues for gay 'Wife Swap' [Muskogee Phoenix]
Oklahoma man sues "Wife Swap" television show [AP via KFOR.com]

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