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Swedish pastor found not guilty; our Swedish meatballs found not tasty

by Jeremy Hooper

   Swedish pastor Ake Green (pic.), who in 2003 called homosexuality a "cancerous tumor on all of society," has been acquitted by Sweden's Supreme Court on charges that his anti-gay sermon incited hatred.

Proving once again our theory that if you want to go to jail for calling a sect of the population a cancerous tumor, you have to go balls out and call them a "malignant, flesh-eating cancerous tumor that will debilitate the possessor of said tumor to a beyond crippled state in which their mind, body, and soul will slowly wither away, reducing them to a mere pile of lifeless goo." If you're all mealy mouthed and simply call them carcinogenic, it leaves room that the cancer could be cut out and the body saved, meaning your comments could be seen as merely inappropriate.

So to anyone wishing to be incarcerated in Sweden via comparing the sexuality of millions to a disease: you best be ensuring that disease is terminal!

No word on what Green has planned now that this ordeal is behind him; however, we hear some sort of "bisexuals/ Lou Gehrig's disease" correlating speech might be in the works.

Swedish pastor cleared after anti-gay sermon [Reuters via IOL]

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