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Westboro and batsh*t crazy celebrate 50 years of commitment

by Jeremy Hooper

   Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of that ol' fag-hating, sign-carrying, funeral-picketing, society-condemning band of intolerant gypsies known as the Westboro Baptist Church.

Relatedly, we received word that a Georgia man shat into a tin can on November 27, 1955, promptly sealed the fecal contents, preserved the turd jar for the past fifty years, and opened it for the first time yesterday.

So who accomplished more in that half a century's time, the poo saver or the fag haters? Well we would never be the ones to make that judgement call, though there is something to be said for having the filthy fruits of your disgusting labor contained in a tangible form, as our doo-doo conserver now has. Westboro merely has a collection of photographs, signs, and memories of countless folks asking, "Oh my God, who are these crazy nutjobs?" to commemorate their fifty years of muck.

So who should be prouder of their fifty years of disservice? Well my friends, it's simply too close to call -- the match up is merely a crap shoot filled with a preponderance of crap (be it of the palpable or conceptual varieties).

Westboro Baptist Church celebrates 50th Anniversary [PageOneQ]

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