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Westboro thanks God for IN twister; Mother Nature all like, 'What the..? Where's my thanks? Well, not that you should thank anyone for this, but if you must give insane credit, I think I deserve a bit. It's because I'm a woman, isn't it?'

by Jeremy Hooper


Well, you know what they say: Every time a Phelps issues a "News Release," an angel gets sick and precedes to vomit over Westboro's fervent embrace of such malevolence, before returning to their computer with an empty stomach to try and get through the rest of the release, only to find themselves dry heaving almost immediately (which everyone knows is almost worse than actual vomit). The angel then goes to get some water in an attempt to calm their stomach, before once again returning to their computer to read the last part of the release. However, before the cherubic creature makes it to the final period, they've curled up into the fetal position and begun to weap uncontrollably.

That is what they say, right?

***This whole of this "News Release" can be found at GodHatesFags.com, though a link from us these fools will never receive.

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