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Who's a big boy anti-gay leader?

by Jeremy Hooper

   In response to Tuesday's gay-friendly vote in Maine, the state's most outspoken anti-gay, Micheal Heath, has announced that he has called on Gov. Baldacci to introduce an amendment that would constitutionally ban gay marriage.

We hear that Heath then went on say: WAAAAAAAAH!!!!! If you poopyheads aren't gonna support gay discrimination, I'm gonna take my raging homophobia and go ban gay marriage! WAAAAAAH!!!!! Baby wants a discriminatory society, NOW!!! WAAAAAH!!!!! SOMEBODY BAN GAYS WITH ME RIGHT THIS SECOND OR I'M...GONNA.....SCREAM!!!!!! WAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

Leaders Of Anti-Gay Rights Movement Looking Toward Next Step [WLBZ2.com]
(photo: A Perfect World)

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