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Wife o' Heath offers Mainers her 1.25 cents

by Jeremy Hooper

  In a slightly sore loserish diatribe titled "Why Maine Lost," Paulie Heath, wife of the Christian Civic League of Maine's Michael Heath, asserts her belief that the attempt to repeal Maine's anti-discrimination law failed on Tuesday "because people don't trust in God or the Bible anymore." Paulie says:

People don't think clearly or deeply about what they "believe." Instead, they fill every waking moment, following the latest trends, like mindless herds of animals being led to slaughter. They don't see themselves in a higher order for which God created them. They are not thinking issues through.

Yea, you swarthy Mainers, mindlessly supporting those "latest trends" of nondiscrimination and fairness. What's next -- gay teen suicide rates will drop, families will stop being torn apart by homophobia, and hate crimes will lessen? What the hell is God gonna think? Oh Maine, you've gone and done it now; while we ponder your idiocy, let's see what else Paulie has to say:

Religion has become a nice convenience for many, because it somehow eases their conscience to go to church on Sundays, and take part in soup kitchens and church suppers, and Thanksgiving boxes for the poor. Any deeper commitment makes them uncomfortable, because they may have to do the hard work of overcoming sin in their own personal lives - or worse - standing against sin in the community.

Um, yea, Paulie -- you do know that religious types are your peeps, right? Not to meddle, but maybe you don't want to be throwing stones or making "ass out of u & me ptions" about their commitments to stamping out sin. After all, you may want to try an manipulate them into believing that "Jesus was down with intolerance" in upcoming anti-gay ballot initiatives and referenda. What's that saying -- dance with ones who are most likely to interpret Leviticus literally?

Paulie goes on to cite recliners, flat screen TVs, R-rated movies, and the secular media as contributing factors to Maine's vote of tolerance, though, quite frankly, we are far too bored to address anymore of this blame game. If you'd like to read more of Ms. Heath's attempts to justify why voting against gay discrimination was the choice of the wicked, click the link below...

The Record Online Daily Newspaper (11-9, 3rd Item) [CCL]

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