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Breaking: Our day going too well, NY Appeals Court feels need to ruin it

by Jeremy Hooper

   Overturning Justice Doris Ling-Cohan's (pic.) decision that would have allowed NY gays to marry, a state appeals court has ruled 4-1 to reject queer nuptials in the Empire State.

Upon hearing the decision, we ruled 4-1 that this "is unfortunate, unbelievable, and upsets us beyond all belief," with the lone dissenter among us instead feeling that "this is some inequality-favoring bullsh*t for which we will not/cannot stand."

N.Y. Appeals Court Rejects Gay Marriage [AP via Yahoo! News]
State appeals court reverses ruling that allowed gay marriage in NYC [AP/Newsday]

**Thank you Justice David Saxe for sticking up for what's fair.

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