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'Brokeback' critic heads to 'Fair & Balanced' land

by Jeremy Hooper

   Dave Kupelian (pic.), vice president of World Net Daily and staunch critic of "Brokeback Mountain," will appear on the Fox News program "Dayside" today to discuss his harsh, homophobia-induced condemnations of the flick.

No word on who the net will have on to present a counterpoint to Kupelian's assessment, though knowing Fox News, that person will likely be a deaf mute who bears a strong resemblance to thin air.

Kupelian guest on Fox's 'DaySide' [WND]

***UPDATE: Transcript of the unbelievably unfair and unbalanced appearance -- in which the anchor actually says she is playing "the devil's advocate" when she for a split second acts like a real reporter and mildly presents a dissenting view -- can be found after the jump:

: Okay, so explain how this movie is being used as propaganda.. By whom?

DAVID KUPELIAN: Well, it's very simple. The whole purpose of the movie is to make homosexuality, and, by implication, same sex marriage, seem to be something wonderful and even more importantly it portrays the only openly negative person towards homosexuality in the movie is portrayed as a murderer, somebody who castrates and bludgeons to death with a tire iron a gay man who lived with another man. This is propagandistic.

CAMEROTA: So David, are you suggesting that some sorta special interest group, some gay rights group, was able to convince the producers and the actors to make this movie?

KUPELIAN: No, you know Hollywood is very favorable to the gay lifestyle and there are a lot of gays in Hollywood, this is no secret. Uhm, It was a brilliantly written short story, what seven or eight years ago by Annie Proulx, they made it into a movie. But the point is, all of the talents of the acting and the directing, and the music, everything that goes into it, is geared towards making homosexuality to seem like, you know, a wonderful lifestyle and it makes the adulterous relationship of these two men which destroyed both their marriages and left their children, you know, bereft of a father into something like a wonderful, magnificent love story, which is what the critics are calling it.

CAMEROTA: Now in an opinion piece that you wrote, you actually used, uhh, you compare the way this movie corrupts the image of cowboys to the same way that the tobacco industry used the image of cowboys for its own purposes.

KUPELIAN: Yea that's right. You know, the cowboy is a very, very powerful American image and Philip Morris proved that fifty years ago when they took an underdog product called Marlboro cigarettes and they attached it in the minds of the public to this powerful image of the cowboy with all of the, ya know, rugged individualism and authentic American feelings that it portrays for people, they attached it to this image and it made Marlboro the world's best selling cigarette. And what I'm saying in that World Net Daily column is that now they are selling something new which is a self-destructive lifestyle and gay marriage using the cowboy image

CAMEROTA: Now David, let me just play devil's advocate for a moment and say, 'Doesn't all art, doesn't all theatre attempt to push the envelope and be provocative, might that just not be the point of this?'

KUPELIAN: Of course it's provocative, and they're playing on that big time, by creating the buzz, releasing the movie only in heavily, ya know, blue state, kinda-liberal, urban areas where they know there are lots of people that think that this kinda theme is good for a movie, and then they're saying that, oh, right now it's kinda ridiculous, they're actually saying that 'Brokeback Mountain' is actually beating out The Chronicles of Narnia and, ya know, other big movies right now because the dollars per theater are exceeding them. And in reality, you just have a very few theaters where the thing is showing, and so you have very skewed figures. It's really very dishonest and I'm surprised the media are reporting it with a straight face.

CAMEROTA: David, very quickly we have some comments from our audience:

MAN IN AUDIENCE: I agree with what he's saying and I think the best thing that those of us are opposed to this kinda thang can do is just not go see it.


CAMEROTA: Sure, that is certainly your prerogative. Okay, uhm, very quickly the other side?

WOMAN IN AUDIENCE: Hi, I think it's about time we made a serious film showing, you know, diverse couples getting together. I think it's about time. It's going on 2006, so.

CAMEROTA: Thank you. Okay, that's the fair and balanced version...


CAMEROTA: (to aforementioned audience member) ...you're a brave woman in this audience.

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