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'Concerned Woman' directs feminine interests towards 'Brokeback'

by Jeremy Hooper

   "Concerned Woman" Robert Knight (pic.) is an all sots of a tizzy regarding the critical success and early awards being bestowed upon Brokeback Mountain, calling the film "the ‘Perfect Storm’ of Hollywood’s war on morality." He says on CWA's site:

It combines high production values with a lowdown attack on morality. It’s a mockery of the Western genre embodied by every movie cowboy from John Wayne to Gene Autry to Kevin Costner. I can’t think of a more effective way to annoy and alienate most movie-going Americans than to show two cowboys lusting after each other and even smooching."

Which is just nutty -- we can think of much more effective ways of alienating audiences. Like you could just show one still frame of a demented little boy dressed in a dirty potato sack pouring salt on a slug as he laughs maniacly and yells "Puddle of slug, puddle of slug!" Or how about a 3-D montage of gun-wielding hoodlums realistically drawing their weapons in your faces and demanding your money? Or -- and this one's really twisted -- you could remake "Bewitched," the "Dukes of Hazzard," or "the Honeymooners" as big-budget feature-length pictures. The alienating possibilities are just endless; but we digress.

Knight goes on to say:

Although the film reportedly portrays some problems with adultery, it comes down on the side of ‘being who you are,’ which means having whatever perverse and unfaithful relationship you want. Homosexual activists have openly boasted that they hope this film ‘will change minds.’ I think I’d put it differently. If it encourages even one confused boy to engage in sex with another male, that makes it an instrument of corruption, not one of enlightenment."

Ya see, the one thing these "pro-fam" types always seem to ignore is that you have to actually WANT to have same-sex sex in order for a film to wake you up to this fact. Judging by this writer's own childhood experience with Basic Instinct and Pretty Woman, it takes more than on-screen displays of affection to persuade one to participate in said affections. It's all very simple -- if same-sex is what you are biologically drawn towards (and trust me, we are typically aware of this at an early stage), than same-sex coitus is what you should eventually be having. Denying your inner truths is a sure-fire path to true misery for all involved.

If "being who you are" is wrong -- as Mr. Knight seems to imply -- then frankly, we have absolutely no desire to be "right."

Narnia Gets Lion’s Share of Box Office, While Critics Hail ‘Gay Cowboy’ Flick [CWA]

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