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December Indy Council more queer-friendly than their April incarnation

by Jeremy Hooper

Righting their earlier wrong, the Indianapolis City-County Council voted 15-14 Monday in favor of a proposal banning discrimination against the city's LGBT population.

   Changing the "nay" vote that they cast last April were Lance Langsford, Patrice Abdullah, Ron Gibson, (who told us last spring that he was "willing to keep an open mind" regarding the measure) and Steve Talley (who said of his original vote that he "did not hear or see any evidence of decimation).

So why did the foursome alter their earlier votes? Simple: We told them if they didn't, God would cancel the holidays.

So thanks, 15 of the Indy City-County Council members. As for the 14 of you who voted against the "don't kick my arse and call me a fag measure" -- don't be all teary eyed if Santa chooses to skip you this year. Discrimination makes the fat man cry.

Merged police force, gay rights approved [IndyStar.com]

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