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'Ex-gay' steps up to our challenge

by Jeremy Hooper

So regular readers may know that we have made a few offers to various "ex-gays" over the past year, asking them to go on "The 700 Club" with us and take a lie-detector test in which we'll both respond to the one question, "Are you a homosexual?" Shockingly, we have received a response from Cross Ministry's Tim Wilkins:

Picture 4-44

So here we go, friends. If anyone is/ knows a producer at "The 700 Club," let's get this air-clearing ball a'rolling. We want this all to happen on "pro-family" turf (with our own representation present, of course) to avoid any claims of "liberal bias" or "gay agendas" weakening the results. We have not one ounce of fear -- unlike the "ex-gays," we don't need to write books, hold seminars, go through years of therapy, or do ANYTHING to know where our true sexual desires lie. That is what our brains and hormones are for.

So let's cut the bullsh*t and do this thing; we're ready and telegenic.

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