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'Ex-gays' run ad opposing hate crimes legislation; relatedly, Dorothy & Toto said planning anti-tort reform sport

by Jeremy Hooper

The following ad, meant to decry a proposed federal hate crimes law for the perceived "inequality" it would create, is currently making the rounds in some of the nation's newspapers:

Picture 11-2

Inspired, we will tomorrow launch this similar ad, designed to speak out against the anti-imaginary bias that totally threatens the equality of all fabricated bits of make-believe:


However, unlike the aforementioned "ex-gay" ad, we've fully committed to our fictitious vibe in every way, as our piece exists only in the dark recesses of our overactive, "now and forever-gay" imagination. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our "ex-gay" buddies, as they ultimately bailed on the fabricated humor notion and opted to run their piece as if they actually believed it to be true. Now that, my friends, is committing to a joke.

(Tip o' the hat: Wayne Besen)

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