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HRC to honor Ang Lee for directing certain film (hint: it's not 'Hulk')

by Jeremy Hooper

  The Human Rights Campaign has announced that they will be honoring Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee with an HRC Equality Award, when the queer rights fighters gather for their Greater New York Gala Dinner on February 11.

   Relatedly, three of the gradients pictured at left, ANGLE H, ANGLE R, and ANGLE C, would like to take a moment and recognize the 90 degreed ANGLE E, as he always stands up for what's right.

Ridiculously cheesy? You betcha. Clever? It is kinda, isn't it? An "in your face" to Mrs Laveck, who claimed we would never be able to use Geometry in our adult lives because we daydreamed too much in class? Eat our inclinations, former teacher.

No word on when the HRC plans to reward us for the fine art of using words like "hate crimes legislation " and "taint stained poopy head" in the same sentence, though we're waiting patiently by the gay rights hotline.

‘Brokeback Mountain’ Director Ang Lee to Accept Human Rights Campaign Award [HRC Release]

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