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Los Angeles PD joins Chicago Gay Games for some bi-city fun

by Jeremy Hooper

  Those athletic homosexuals at the Gay Games have announced that those tanned law enforcers at the LAPD have signed on as official sponsors of the 2006 Olympic-style soiree (July 15-22 in Chicago). While in the "City of Broad Shoulders," the officers from the "City of Angels" will participate in the games and ceremonial events, and members of their Recruitment Unit will be on hand "to provide participants and visitors an opportunity to meet and discuss the more than 250 career opportunities open to members of the LAPD."

So take comfort, unemployed gays who plan to get mugged during the Games and desire a tanned, non-bigoted officer to save the day -- The LAPD will be on scene for all of your tolerant law-enforcing, career-providing, games-supporting needs. If that's not a step towards straight/gay togetherness, then we surely don't know what is.

In a related story, we hear that the FAKEPD from Fags Are Kinda Evil, Arkansas, will not be making it to the games.

Los Angeles Police Department Sponsors Gay Games [Gay Games]

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