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Newsom sticks with his adoring gays

by Jeremy Hooper

  San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, a virtual super hero to the queer set, has withdrawn as co-chair of a fundraiser for Tennessee congressman Harold Ford Jr. (pic.) due to the Rep's 2004 vote in favor of the gay-unfriendly Marriage Protection Act. Newsom was reportedly unaware of the Congressman's gay marriage opposition when he signed on to the cash-raising soiree, and his subsequent pull-out has forced the Ford camp to postpone the money-maker to an unannounced future date.

No word on who Ford will get to chair the event now that Newsom's gone the way of the gay marriages he once allowed, and we won't keep you posted, as we really couldn't care less.

Mayor quits fundraiser for anti-gay-marriage candidate [SF Examiner]

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