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One man's 'negative element' is another's 'everyday life'

by Jeremy Hooper

From Focus on the Family's review of the new movie, The Family Stone:

Picture 9-1

Damn you, well-adjusted homosexual couples! You're always ruining films with your "We're not diseased perverts" rhetoric and your "Look, we have the same needs and goals as our heterosexual counterparts" dogma. What if I wanted to take my kids to see this? What would they think then -- that if they're gay, they shouldn't be ashamed, depressed or scared? Is that what we want to be teaching our little ones, to accept people for who they are? Damn liberal Hollywood and their PC "we don't have the right to stigmatize one on the basis of their sexuality" agenda. Honestly. <sigh, roll eyes, and dramatically shake head, all at once>

Be sure to keep an eye out for future FOF reviews, when we hear they will cut out the middle man and simply cite "using rational thought" as a constant negative for all of their cinematic criticisms.

The Family Stone - Review [FOF's PluggedIN Online]

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