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'Pro-life,' 'pro-marriage,' 'pro-super cute boys and Hillary Duff'

by Jeremy Hooper

   Demonstrating that one's never to young to embrace a conservative agenda, Gary Glenn (pic.) of the American Family Association of Michigan recounts this charming family memory to Focus on the Family's CitizenLink:

Glenn said he recently shared with his 11-year-old daughter that doll-maker American Girl was financially supporting an organization that promotes abortion on demand and acceptance and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle among teenage girls.

"With no prompting whatsoever, she went into her room and put all of her American Girl dolls and clothes into the closet," Glenn said. "I think that was the act of a pure conscience. When she heard that this corporation was using our family's money to promote things we don't believe in, she, in her little way, did what she thought appropriate to take a stand against that. And of course, our family will not be spending any more money with American Girl, and we've told them so."

Though if you think that's bold of daughter Glenn, you should hear her pre-pubescent thoughts on Social Security reform, FCC regulations, and broken borders -- an Ann Coulter in the making, this one. And to think, when we were 11, we could barely spell "planned parenthood."

Be sure to keep an eye out for future Glenn family anecdotes, when we might get to hear how father's illegal immigration condemnation has led his 6-year-old to pointedly ask her Dora the Explorer doll all kinds of accusatory questions.

Focus on the Family Changes Banks Over Gay Activism [FOF CitizenLink]

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