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Queerness of APA prez hopeful makes Christian psych uncomfy

by Jeremy Hooper

Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio, a spokesman for the Christian Medical Association, is opposing the candidacy of Jack Drescher for president of the queer-friendly American Psychiatric Association (of which Benzio is not even a member), because of the fact that Drescher is one of those homo-gayosexual types. Regarding the "pro-homosexual activism" that he predicts will increase under a Drescher-helmed APA, Benzio warns Agape Press that "outside organizations could take the official's misguided notions about homosexuality as scientific fact simply because of his post."

Because as a homosexual himself, Drescher of course knows nothing about what it's like to be gay. It takes an outside, straight voice to really form "guided notions" of just what it means to be a homo. Continuing along this line of reasoning, Benzio is quoted by Agape as saying,

"If he wins the election it will certainly, with his influence, squash more relevant, appropriate scientific, medical, biblical data that I think is out there."

Yea, and if "biblical data" doesn't belong in psychiatry, where does it belong? After all, everyone who seeks psychiatric guidance shares the same religious beliefs and spirituality, right? In fact, don't people go to therapy in order to learn about Christianity?

No? They don't? That's called church? Oh...we always get those two confused. Well that certainly explains why our preacher always looks at us strangely when we lie on the altar and start reminiscing about wearing our sister's ballet shoes, and why our therapist never understands why we tithe 10% of our income to her. Who the hell knew?

Drescher for prez!

CMA Psychiatrist Dreads Homosexual's Possible APA Presidency [Agape]

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