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UF to offer partner benefits; FU to those who oppose

by Jeremy Hooper

   In a 12-1 vote by the school's Board of Trustees, the University of Florida has become the first of the Sunshine State's public universities to offer health insurance benefits to the domestic partners of their employees.

Pooping on the penicillin for partners parade, however, is the lone vote of dissension, Al Warrington, who tells the AP that he feels the proposal is "immoral, unethical and clearly non-scriptural. It's an abomination." Much happier are the unemployed partners of gay professors, who tell us that some of the local free clinics are "imperfect, unclean and clearly non-sanitary. It's not the bomb to be a patient."

School officials say the measure is important in order to keep and recruit faculty members; we say the measure is important because dying of the flu because you're out of work and uninsured is really not fun.

Good job, U of F.

Gay UF employees gain health insurance for partners [AP via HeraldTribune.com]

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