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'back' already 'Broke,' Utah theater owner now gunning for mics

by Jeremy Hooper

   Asked yesterday why he chose to pull Brokeback Mountain from the Utah theaters that he owns, Larry H. Miller smacked a local radio reporter's microphone out of the way (pic.) and said "I said everything I had to say when I pulled the movie. Okay? Anything else ya wanna know?"

Hmmm...well, since you asked, L-dog, "Why the hell are you so defensive?" comes to mind. We'd also like to know, "Did you not realize that you were on camera? Judging by the way the media-savvy individual next to you quickly tries to cover your action with her papers, we'd say she was aware of the camera's presence. Why weren't you?" "Do you merely despise microphones because they're phallic?" would be our next line of questioning. We'd probably follow that off with "Do you always make it a habit to smack reporter's instruments when responding to their questions, or only when talking about gay things?" Once we had fired those off, and Mr. Miller had likely thrown the tools of our trade out of the nearest window, we'd then end the inquisition by asking the question everyone wants answered: "Who do you think is hotter, Jake or Heath?"

If you'd like to watch, rewatch, then watch again as Mr. Miller releases pent up rage on an audio amplification device, the full story and video (from KSL-TV) can be found here. Enjoy.

'Brokeback Mountain' Wins Award; Larry Miller Remains Mum [KSL-TV]
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